Life, re/done {Outfit}

The new me…

Lives in Levis, tells bad jokes, still cannot properly curl hair


Long gone is the girl who roamed the boutique racks, in search of the perfect over priced over hyped pair of “designer” denim.

RIP, we won’t miss you.

Remember those days, when the perfect pair of jeans set you back a few fancy meals only to reveal their true, easily stretched and never the same once washed again selves. If they were a boy I would’ve met them on the scene (errr the gym bc as much as I try and fake it I’m a homebody ) and they would’ve lied through their teeth just to get a shot at disappointing me over dinner.

But these, these are different. These jeans… give me life. Almost as near to my delicate heart as carbs are these days.

Ladies, I kid you not.


I’m smitten.



Special thanks to Re/done denim for partnering on this post.




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