Staycation Style {Collaboration}


Cozy knits and liquor in my coffee…

This is the stuff staycations are made of.

I’ll go anywhere you want to go, but I should probably stay right here.

Hopping onto last minute flights these days like I was trying on shoes. As if my Instagram were no indication.  Eating your way through Europe is all fun and games until your clothes don’t fit anymore. eeek

Guess that means it’s time to unwind from my month as a gypsy and get back into a routine, but 2 days home and I’m already restless. Craving something new to distract me from the reality of my first Holiday sans homme and the longing for Christmas in Paris. Only cure for the post-vacation blues?

A staycation mais bien sur.

Grabbing all that is snuggly from my site of least resistance, posting up in an uptown joint of standards to which I’ve become accustomed and hoping for the best.

*10 minutes later books flight to Art Basel.

Sigh, better luck next time I guessss…

V good thing Shopbop also has bathing suits (weeee)



This post was created in collaboration with Shopbop. All styling and creative direction by Michelle.



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  1. December 11, 2016 / 9:38 pm

    Love the photos on the rooftop. Nice post!! x Isabella

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